The Compton lecture series

Arthur H. Compton Lectures Seventy-Ninth Series

“Cosmic cartography: exploring an expanding Universe”

The discovery that the expansion of the Universe is being accelerated by a mysterious force that cosmologists call “Dark Energy” has had an immense impact and is the most exciting area of research in Cosmology today. The 2011 Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to three astronomers who found the first direct evidence of this acceleration by observing the brightness of exploding stars in the Universe. These astonishing observations have ignited a race towards an even bigger discovery – what is Dark Energy? Unravelling the nature of Dark Energy is one of the most important problems facing cosmologists and will answer profound questions about fundamental physics in our Universe.

5th April: The expanding Universe and the Big Bang             slides              notes

12th April: Guest lecture Tim Linden                                    slides

19th April: Guest lecture Douglas Watson                           slides

26th April: Mapping the dark sector I: dark matter                  slides             notes

3rd May: Guest lecture Austin Joyce                                    slides

10th May: Mapping the dark sector II: dark energy                  slides            notes

17th May: Dark energy or Modified gravity?                             slides            notes

31st May: Simulating the universe in a computer                     slides            notes

7th June: The footprints of dark energy                                    slides            notes


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Creating synthetic universes in a computer,

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